Need any help?

First use the ‘Search box’.  Type in a venue or city.  A map and a list overview will show you the nearest vegan places to go to. Click on the markers to show a preview or read the item. In addition you can select some filters. The results will automatically change on the map. When you click on an address you will be redirected to Google Maps to get directions.

Click on ‘Add’. Fill in all the required boxes, upload a picture (optional)  and hit the Add button.

Nope. No user registration is needed. You can use VeganVenues 'straight out of the box'. Everyone who adds a venue stays anonymous. No matter how many venues you add.

Contact us here  to report a ‘non vegan venue’ and we will set things straight.

Changes can be made. In case of missing adress information or incorrect naming you can contact us here.

Keep in mind that the venue owner has a parent position when it comes to change requests.

When a venue no longer exists or consists faulty information you can contact us here.

We’re sorry to hear that. Our goal is to integrate all vegan venues in the world into this platform. But it’s an ongoing process though. Feel free to use the ‘add’ function to add new venues!

It is not required as a visitor to upload a picture of the venue. But If you made a picture of the venue you've visited and you want to share with the world, you can yet upload a picture via our contact form. Also to venue owners; you can take this opportunity to add the best looking image of your establishment!

At the moment you can add just one venue at the time.  If you’re a franchise holder for example, best thing to do is contact us here.

Ok, ok.. calm down. Not everybody's has that aesthetic eye, we just like vegan food! But if you made an image that comes to justice better, please go ahead contact us and upload your image. Keep in mind that the venue owner has a parent position on replacing imagery.

For bug reports, contact us here.

At the moment it is not possible to make an user account.

No we don't track your data. For more detailed information check out our terms of use.

Sure you can. If the location is charted or existing on Google Maps you can add every town or village in the world!

If you’re addition has been changed, it could be due to a request to correct or even delete (a part of) the content. Also keep in mind that the venue owner has a parent position when it comes to requests about the content.

That's nice to hear! We’re always open to collaborate. Contact us here.