VeganVenues is a free platform made for vegans and for all of those who are flirting with a 100% plant based lifestyle. Make it easy for yourself and others. Search and add your favorite vegan restaurants and hot spots all over the world. That's it. The only site you will ever need as a vegan.

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Are you done with meat and dairy?
Good for you! For all the new vegans in town, sure it can be hard in the beginning. Sometimes you'll find out there's still milk or eggs processed in some foods.. But don't worry no more! VeganVenues shows you where to get your food. All venues are at least 'vegan friendly' with vegan options on the menu, going beyond a skimpy salad with french fries and all that applesauce (not bad actually). We're managing a 100% vegan policy here. Use VeganVenues as your new power tool!
Finding Vegan
Search for any city in the search bar and easily scroll through various nearby vegan venues on the map. Now check out some previews, maybe set some filters and.. There you go! Excellent choice, have fun!
Have you checked in at a place which is not on VeganVenues yet? Well here's your chance to work on that Karma! Helping mankind to simply add a new venue. Quick, easy and free. Hmm.. Yes, life's good!
Our present to the world
This community based platform is free of use. With our focus on functionality, you can easily find, add and share places for you to eat, to meet and socialize with friends, family or maybe your new date?..
Also for business owners of restaurants, food trucks and festival/event organizers. It's completely free to add your establishment too. Owning multiple locations or running multiple franchises? No problem, knock yourself out. It's all good. Like the great Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius said; 'We are here on Earth to help each other.'
A big shout out!
We provide an unique space to advertise to create more traffic and exposure for your business. With full screen photography or videography on our homepage, we hold the most effective platform to reach your audience. It's quite clear and inevitable, there are nearly seven billion people waiting for vegan venues to pop out and discover. Feel free to contact us for more information and possibilities.
Embodiment of 'Karmaoney'
Do you like what we are doing here? Listen to your heart, hit that button below, become a contributor and we'll keep things up & running for you!