Where do vegans eat

It starts right about here. A free platform where you can find and add vegan hotspots all over the world. And there you have it! VeganVenues is the only site you will ever need as a vegan foodie!

Are you finally done with meat and dairy?
Welcome to paradise! Yes, it can be challenging in the very beginning. But no worry, use VeganVenues as your new guide about where to eat. We're managing a 100% vegan policy. All venues are at least 'vegan friendly' offering vegan options on the menu, going far beyond that skimpy salad with fries and applesauce... Yup, we've all been there.
Let's find some venues
Start with using the search bars and swipe through various cities on the map. Narrow down the search results by setting some filters and navigate easily in a well-known environment.
Have you been to a place that is not listed yet? Well, what are you waiting for! Hit that ADD button and within a few steps, vegans all over the world will thank you forever!
True Philanthropy 
VeganVenues is free of use. Our focus lies on pure functionality. All we want is a hassle-free experience for you. No signups, no ads, no distractions, just vegan venues.
If you own a business, it's completely free to add your establishment too. Deliver the description and image that fits best in line with your corporate identity. Owning multiple locations or running multiple franchises? No problem, knock yourself out. It's all good. Because in the end;
'We are here on Earth to help each other.'
Marcus Aurelius
Stand out now!
To businesses, we offer full-page photography or videography as the only ad space. Generate great exposure as soon your audience lands on the VeganVenues website. Remember: There are still around seven billion people walking the flat plane of the Earth, waiting for vegan venues to discover! Feel free to contact us for more information and possibilities.